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I am a self-taught, Copenhagen-based painter. My subjects are usually semi-abstract figures, and my works are composed of solid blocks of vibrant colors and suggestive lines.


At the very core, my visual inspiration comes from my grandmothers tapestries. She had an enormous loom, on which she would weave all sorts of magical and abstract creatures. Those tapestries are, in a very subtle way, always at the base of what I do. They are my foundation.


When I see something beautiful (which can be anything; a painting by one of my favorite artists, a certain combination of colors on a tennis-court or the peculiar way my brother runs down a snowy hill), it gives me a deep feeling of peace and ease. Of satisfaction, perhaps. Painting enables me to get closer to that feeling.


They say that everything an artist creates is, essentially, a self-portrait. I am starting to believe that there is some truth to that. Almost all of my paintings contain an element of ambiguity and inner conflict. Of inhibitions, that separate the inner world from the outer one. This is probably the main, underlying theme of my work.


Sep. 27 - Oct. 9 2022:   Copenhagen Art Space, Filosoffen, Odense, Denmark

Jan. 12 - Jan. 18 2022:       ETERNITY Virtual Exhibition at The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

Nov. 26 - Nov. 28 2021:     Art Nordic 2021 at Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sep. 09 - Sep. 24 2021:     International Contemporary Exhibition DE.MO at MADS Art Gallery, Milan, Italy

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